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  • Rokuyō Database New Entry: Gegyo

    Kamon Database – Gegyo Figure: Roof gable decoration. 懸魚 A gegyo is a decorative wooden board used to cover the ridge and purlin ends on a roof gable. It is believed […]

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  • Maru ni ho Database New Entry: Ho

    Kamon Database – Ho Figure: sail. 帆 The Ho mon is a simplification of the Fune mon. The Kaetsu clan, descendant of the Nawa clan were using a sail emblem. For more […]

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  • Maru ni Chanomi Database New Entry: Chanomi

    Kamon Database – Chanomi Figure: Tea seed. 茶の実 The Chanomi mon must not be mistaken with the Tachibana mon, which looks similar. It is said that the Tachibana mon was designed first, then later transformed to […]

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  • grave with kamon New Page: “Find my Kamon”

    Nowadays, many Japanese people, or people from Japanese descent, have lost track of their family insignia. When they try to find their kamon, they generally have only one clue left: their […]

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  • the japanese heraldry NHK’s “Japanology Plus” on Kamon

    A NHK program in English about Japanese Heraldry.



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