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  • Konoe Botan Database New Entry: Botan

    Kamon Database – Botan Figure: Peony. 牡丹 The peony was brought to Japan from China around the 9th century. In China it was called the “king of flowers” and thus Botan […]

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  • Maru ni Chigiri Database New Entry: Chigiri

    Kamon Database – Chigiri Figure: wood joinery. 榺 The chigiri  is a Japanese dovetail wood joinery. As an insignia, the Chigiri mon is rather ancient. The Ogasawara clan was using the chigiri as […]

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  • Futamata Daikon no Maru Database New Entry: Daikon

    Kamon Database – Daikon Figure: raphanus sativus (white radish). 大根 The Daikon mon is a rare insignia. It was seen in the past as an auspicious symbol. The Honjō and the Tomita clans used […]

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  • Maru ni Kumo Database New Entry: Kumo

    Kamon Database – Kumo Figure: cloud. 雲 The cloud is a rather rare insignia, often used by priests or as a sacred ground’s emblem. Some famous temples in Kyoto, like the […]

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  • Hidari Kake Uma Database New Entry: Uma

    Kamon Database – Uma Figure: horse. 馬 The Sōma clan is famous for using a horse insignia. The clan eventually split in two, one branch residing in what is nowadays Chiba […]

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