Kamon Miscellany

  • Small Glossary of Kamon Design Patterns

    Japanese heraldry uses several strategies to generate new kamon variations. Apart from enclosures and blenders, there are numerous fixed patterns that are recurrently […]

  • Foreign Literature -3

    In 1906, Hugo Gerard Ströhl, a famous Austrian heraldist, publishes Japanisches Wappenbuch, probably the first foreign book entirely devoted to Japanese heraldry. This 253-page publication […]

  • Foreign Literature -2

    The first study of Japanese heraldry appears in 1877 in the journal Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan. Thomas McClatchie examines […]

  • Lobster-wisteria combination

    A fishmonger storefront in Onjuku, Chiba prefecture. His logo shows a very skillful combination of the Sagari Fuji (descending wisteria) mon and […]

  • Foreign Literature -1

    If there are numerous vernacular publications on the subject of Japanese heraldry, their number drops however small when it comes to foreign […]

Kamon Potpourri

Maru ni Mamuki Umi-gani
Maru ni Sasa Rindō
Maru ni Tachibana