Kamon Categories – Animals.

Animals represent a rather small portion of the whole Japanese heraldry’s corpus. Most of the animal emblems depict either insects or birds. Interestingly enough, mon figuring mammals are extremely rare: we only find rabbits and horses. One may think that since the rabbit and the horse are both animals of the Chinese zodiac, there might be kamon representing the other mammals (rat, ox, tiger, goat, monkey, dog, pig), but those crests simply don’t exist. There are indeed a few mon that feature a shishi, a sort of mythological lion. Also, a couple insignias show a bat, but it was probably considered a bird rather than a mammal in those days. Also, surprisingly for an island, no fish made its way into Japan’s heraldic tradition. Finally not a single kamon represents a human being or body parts, as if it was somehow a taboo…

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chidori emblem Chidori (plover)
lobster emblem Ebi (lobster)
Maru ni Futatsu Kai  Kai (shell)
turtle emblem  Kame (turtle)
crab emblem  Kani (crab)
 Shishi & Botan
Sōma Tsunagi Uma  Uma (horse)
Mamuki Usagi  Usagi (rabbit)



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